Make it green

I used to be one of those people who never watched what I ate. I ate everything, anything, whenever, wherever. Since I became a little more cautious of what I put in my mouth, I began noticing how certain foods make me feel. Some make me feel tired, uneasy, thirsty, bloated and so on. I must admit I do cook a lot. I enjoy it and it’s very cost efficient for someone trying to save money. Like others, I do enjoy going out to eat with friends, trying new restaurants. The challenge is to still enjoy going out to eat with friends but still making healthier choices.

I recently visited Romer’s burger for the first time. How can a burger be healthy? Romer’s Burger Bar offers a “make it green” option for their signature burgers. Definitely a guilt free alternative to carb loaded wheat breads!

For only $.75 more you can have this amazing lettuce bun. I don’t think over ever been so excited about lettuce. It was so crisp, fresh, and… Sweet. Feast yourselves on The Chorizodor burger!


Chorizo-spiced beef & pork patty, cheddar, pepper jack, Boursin, tomato, avocado, sweet onion, and Diablo sauce.

The burger could’ve used a bit more spice to it but definitely was a good pick. Perfectly crusted patty.

For the same $.75, you can also substitute the regular burger bun for brioche, skinny (not sure what this is), or gluten free option.



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