Tip Tuesday: Read your ingredient labels!

I can’t seem to stress this enough. In food labeling today, marketing plays a key role in effecting purchasing behaviour. Food companies spend millions of dollars on product display, brand, labeling, and key words that essentially play a part in our buying decisions whether it is providing a “ligther”, “heathlier”, “low calorie” option, bare in mind that it’s all marketing!


For example, this nutribar weight loss plan bar that I found at a local Pharmasave. Its a “meal replacement” and marketed a as a good contributor if you’re trying to lose weight. At the bottom it says”Sweetened with sugar, glucose, maltitol, honey & sorbitol”. Excuse me but did it just list a whole bunch of sugar and artificial sweeteners?


Unfortunately I was unable to capture the nutrition label however, I don’t expect it to be anything great for your diet just by looking at the ingredients. No 1. ingredient is protein blend and No. 2 chocolate flavoured coating which sugar is the main ingredient.

We all know what sugar does to you. Sugar spikes your insulin causing your body to store fat. This box of chocolately goodness is quite deceiving isn’t it? If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t just read the food packages. Make sure to also check the ingredients.


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